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Vanilla with a Side of Kink

Dan & Renee

Welcome to the Vanilla with a Side of Kink.

This podcast is one couple's journey into the world of kink and polyamory. 

It's a podcast for all you normal Joe citizens who are be-bopping around the world out there, who have some questions and some curiosities about things you don’t even know that you want to know about. 

Maybe you are looking to add some spice to your current romantic relationship. 

Maybe you have some interests in things you fear others might judge you for. 

Did you see a wacky scene in a movie that, maybe to your surprise, got some juices flowing? 

Have you read some erotica that has piqued your interest in learning more about other ways to elicit sensations and stimulate your body and mind? 

Then Vanilla With A Side Of Kink is for you!